Don't take things for granted! There may be a better way to run the same business. A sound corporate structure assists clients in brand building, attaining operational efficiency, accumulating risk-free or tax-free assets (tangible and intangible) and makes easier planning for reducing corporate and individual income tax. Our team comprises experienced legal counsel, professional accountants and tax advisors, come and talk to us before commencement of business. And most important of all, we insist on giving a clear and understandable service. The workability of our consulting is measured by your understanding and satisfaction only.

Corporate Formation and Business Reorganization
What business are you in? This is a billion dollar question, which may give you different answers along different time. Business environment changes everyday, your target customers may also change and so are your competitors. Winning is a long journey that requires your continuous scanning and review of your compatibility of your corporate structure against the market and product environment. Every market and product has its life cycle and your competitors today may become your business partner tomorrow.

You can engage us on an ongoing or ad hoc basis and focus on business reorganization opportunities to create new market insights and achieve higher operational and tax efficiency. We can help you identify the structure required for an incorporated business, a liaison office, a branch of a foreign corporation, a locally or overseas incorporated limited company.

Financial and Tax Planning
Begins with an end in your mind! The most common example is tax planning and public listing: everyone wants to pay less tax and/or obtain finance through public listing; however, many companies fail to recognize importance of setting up a proper corporate structure before their business start. Successful tax planning and public listing requires careful planning, detail documentation and integration with the business processes. We can talk and walk with you, guide your steps through the process.

Trusts and Assets Protection
Setting up a trust means that the Settlor transfer the legal ownership of any or all of the assets to a third party (a Trustee), who holds them for the benefit or use of others (the Beneficiaries). A trust allows one to avoid the inconvenience of the financial obligations and responsibilities associated with the legal ownership of the assets, while allowing the beneficiaries to legally enjoy continued use of and income from those assets.

Trusts are widely used to mitigate exposure to income tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax, gift tax, estate duty and inheritance tax in jurisdictions such as Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States. They can also be used to ensure the continuity of family business in the event of incapacity or death of the owner.

Internet Marketing
Since the outburst of the bubble, many people believe the magic of internet marketing no longer exist. It appears that the primary reason why people surf online is to get FREE INFORMATION. Hence, it is not surprising to see 96% of online businesses are losing money on the internet.

However, people do buy things online. But before you can sell your services, you must convince the visitor to a degree so he will contact you. And to convince him, you need to give FREE INFORMATION in a very definite way.

There are ethical, legal and very efficient internet marketing techniques that do give results. You need visitors to your website presenting your products or services. Having a web site means nothing unless you can get TRAFFIC. Then you need to know what to add and adjust to make it CONVERT visitors into prospective clients at a good ratio well below the internet average.

If you are a newly startup or growing business, we can assist you to start getting prospective customers through the internet and if you are working in the trading of fast moving consumer goods, our affiliate company can provide suppler chain management, chain stores and wholesalers distribution, logistics management and sales administration services in Hong Kong.

Company Secretarial Services for Hong Kong Companies
It is important for individuals or companies wishing to operate in Hong Kong to choose the most appropriate form of business to conduct their activities and ensure that all statutory requirements upon formation and thereafter are complied with. Frequently, the advantages and disadvantages of operating by way of different options available are unclear to the newcomers, who may also lack the expertise or time to attend to different statutory requirements.

We provide a full range of company secretarial services including:
Advice on appropriate business entities and efficient corporate structures to meet your needs:

Incorporation of Hong Kong companies in Hong Kong or registration of foreign corporation in Hong Kong either as branch or representative offices;
Maintain proper statutory books and records, prepare and file the pre-requisite statutory documents with various Government authorities, including Annual Return;
Provide nominee shareholder services to ensure the statutory requirement of Hong Kong companies is complied with;
Provide a Hong Kong Registered Office or correspondence address;
Apply for Business Registration Certificate with Business Registration office;
Assist you in the application for Personal Bankruptcy, Company De-registration and Liquidation matter; and
Assist in opening account with Bank for our local and oversea clients.

Company Secretarial Services for Offshore Companies
Individuals or companies holding assets or operating outside Hong Kong can set up companies incorporated in offshore jurisdictions such as Macao, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, where the statutory requirements are more flexible and the political environment are more stable and tax free.

We provide the following services to ensure compliance with the business regulations in the relevant offshore jurisdictions:

Incorporation of limited companies in popular jurisdictions;

Liaison with the registered agents, company secretaries or representatives in the place of incorporation;

Provision of registered office and correspondence address, and where necessary full office setup and routine administration support (restricted to Macao companies only);

Attend to the statutory filing requirements as laid down by offshore agents, overseas registries and governments;
Provision of nominee shareholder service and attend to all other secretarial matters like changes in shareholder or directors, company deregistration and liquidation.


  • Act as tax representative
  • Filing of Individual, Partnership and Corporate Tax Return
  • Assist in replying the queries of the I.R.D and dealing in tax field audit and investigation
  • Assist in applying for objection, tax payment by installments and tax refund
  • Tax planning in individual tax, profits tax, stamp duty and estate duty


Trademark Registration 

Assist in trademark registration in Hong Kong, the P.R.C. and other countries 



Accounting Services
As a startup and growing business, you often face the need to ensure that your accounting function is properly handled, but you do not wish to incur the cost of employing a full time accounting staff. We are highly flexible to tailor make our services to fit your needs whether at your premises or off-site.

Depending of the frequency of reporting, we would like to discuss with you quarterly (or monthly) to keep you updated on your finances, keep track of your business, notice trends, identify problems when they are small and correct unwanted development immediately and make use of successful trends faster and easier.

Our Services includes:

Book-keeping preparation maintenance of a computerized Accounting System for generating various ledger, inventory control, account receivable and account payable;
Prepare financial reports analysis with discussion on key components of financial performance. These reports provide you with MEANINGFUL business information and analysis designed to assist you when considering business decisions, opportunities and threats;
Assessment of current accounting and management control system for improving the resource allocation and COMMUNICATE with you on a timely and layman terms basis. From us, we communicate more and you get more personal communication instead of letters, secretaries, voice mail or answering machines.

Business Advisory Services
Our objective is to deliver high quality supportive services to startup and growing business in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We provide practical solutions to specific business needs and help your business excel. Our services include:

Our Services includes:

Assurance Services - Via our affiliate company to perform the statutory audit work and provide you financial report with assurance on your financial performance for your Hong Kong Company and the company in other jurisdiction.
Business Health Checks - Provide a detail testing of accounting systems, internal controls and information processing and deliver a concise report on your company's Operation and Management Control for company's future planning and development.
Computerising Your Accounting System - Cost, security of data, choice of software packages and availability of enhanced business reports will be your key concerns in selection of your accounting system. We can assist you in the system selection and implement, developing the changeover procedures and carry our post-implementation reviews to ensure your controls are adequate and functioning as intended.
Payroll Outsourcing - The question is how to save the costs of administration while ensuring people get paid on time and at the correct rate. Besides, confidentiality is another key issue, and we offer a strictly confidential and reliable service. By means of different software programmes, we deliver an accurate and cost-effective payroll services.
Reinvoicing and Documentation Services - By means of proper transfer pricing and corporate structure, foreign corporation can effectively lower the global tax exposure through a Hong Kong sales office or purchase procurement center. We provide a wide range of documentation services to substantiate your business operation by providing full import and export documentation, arranging shipping and insurance cover, liaising with bankers and customers and providing terms and conditions of trade and other commercial contracts. We can also arrange banking and invoicing for your business operation.
Routine and Special Secondments - Expanding business may require professional accountants to perform roles which, for commercial reasons, cannot be permanently filled from within your own organizations. We can arrange secondment of our people to assist you for a set period of time or cover your expertise shortage.
Handling Visa Applications - In order for expatriates and their dependents to live and work in Hong Kong, we offer complete outsourcing services on visa application and extension and handle queries from the Immigration Department and filing proper tax returns with the Inland Revenue Department.
Translation Services - As part of supportive administrative services, we can arrange accurate Chinese translations of financial accounts and other business correspondence and documentation for your business.